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Canadian County Democrats’ Voter Guide for Election on Nov 3, 2020

The Canadian County Democrats have endorsed seven outstanding Democratic candidates. We urge you to vote for them by absentee ballot or early vote before Tuesday, Nov. 3, or at your polling place on that date. Will you please say YES and ask five others to ask five more to join you in getting out the […]

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10 Democrats running for Canadian County school board and city council races

SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES El Reno – Office #4 – 5 year term Ron H. Crew, El Reno (Democrat) James Garrison, El Reno (D) Election: 02/12/19 Maple – Office #3 – 3 year term Jerry Golden, Calumet (D) Election: 02/12/19 Piedmont – Office #4 – 5 year term Cory Benton, Piedmont (D) Election: 04/02/19 Riverside – […]


Eleven Democratic candidates spoke at Canadian County Democrats’ Forum Monday night

Caption: Eleven Democratic candidates and one Independent candidate spoke July 11 to a packed house at the Yukon Police Department: (first row from left) Jennie Scott – House District 41; Sara Peterson – House District 41; Ashley Nicole McCray – Corporation Commission; Chantelle Cory – House District 43; (second row) Jacque Pearsall – House District […]