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10 Democrats running for Canadian County school board and city council races

SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES El Reno – Office #4 – 5 year term Ron H. Crew, El Reno (Democrat) James Garrison, El Reno (D) Election: 02/12/19 Maple – Office #3 – 3 year term Jerry Golden, Calumet (D) Election: 02/12/19 Piedmont – Office #4 – 5 year term Cory Benton, Piedmont (D) Election: 04/02/19 Riverside – […]


Eleven Democratic candidates spoke at Canadian County Democrats’ Forum Monday night

Caption: Eleven Democratic candidates and one Independent candidate spoke July 11 to a packed house at the Yukon Police Department: (first row from left) Jennie Scott – House District 41; Sara Peterson – House District 41; Ashley Nicole McCray – Corporation Commission; Chantelle Cory – House District 43; (second row) Jacque Pearsall – House District […]