Month: January 2019

Elections News

10 Democrats running for Canadian County school board and city council races

SCHOOL BOARD CANDIDATES El Reno – Office #4 – 5 year term Ron H. Crew, El Reno (Democrat) James Garrison, El Reno (D) Election: 02/12/19 Maple – Office #3 – 3 year term Jerry Golden, Calumet (D) Election: 02/12/19 Piedmont – Office #4 – 5 year term Cory Benton, Piedmont (D) Election: 04/02/19 Riverside – […]

Meetings News

Canadian County Democrats to launch Effective Voter Advocacy series January 14

YUKON, Okla. –Jody Harlan will launch the Canadian County Democrats new grassroots Effective Voter Advocacy series at the organization’s first meeting of the year on Monday, January 14. Harlan is chair of the organization. The goals of the educational series are to inform voters about government and public policy and encourage their active participation in […]