Writing resolutions for precinct meetings and county conventions

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What is a resolution? A resolution is a written opinion or declaration submitted for consideration and a vote by an official group, like those assembled for Canadian County’s precinct meetings on March 14 or county convention on April 6.

What should I do before I write a resolution? Check out the Democratic National Committee’s 2016-20 Platform at https://democrats.org/about/party-platform/. There’s no point in writing resolutions about things that are already addressed in the platform — just new issues or revisions.

How do I write a resolution? Resolutions should be in writing, preferably a Word document. Check out the OK Democratic Party’s guide at https://tinyurl.com/y5jkyjhx.

What happens next? The precinct secretary submits approved resolutions to the county secretary who submits the precinct resolutions for consideration at the county convention on April 6. Next the resolutions are considered at the district and state conventions.

Who is our resolutions chair? Canadian County Democrats’ Vice Chair Dennis Purifoy has agreed to serve as our Resolutions chair for our precinct meetings on March 14 and county convention on April 6. Contact: dennispurifoy@att.net or 405-640-1760. Thanks, Dennis!

More info about the precinct meetings & county convention: http://canadiancodems.org/2019/02/canadian-county-democrats-to-elect-local-officers-march-14/

More info about resolutions: https://tinyurl.com/y5jkyjhx.