Can you vote in the Senate District 22 race? How do you sign up to vote by mail in 2021?

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Get ready! Democrats can win in a special election in Senate District 22 if we do the work. Primary election: Feb. 9. General election: April 6. Please share these important facts with Democrats and Independent voters.

1. Can you vote in the important Senate District 22 primary election on Feb. 9? Yes, if you live in these precincts: 200, 204, 206, 208, 209, 214, 216, 217, 218, 220, 503, 504 and 506. We have two outstanding Democrats running: Molly Ooten and Dylan Billings

2. How do you know which precinct you live in? Go to Oklahoma Voter Portal at Enter your name and birthdate. The site will take to a screen that lists your precinct. My precinct # is 090208, but we usually just say 208.

3. Do I need to sign up for an absentee ballot to vote by mail in 2021? Yes. We have to sign up every year. You can sign up online at that same Oklahoma Voter Portal listed in #2 above. This website includes info about upcoming elections, your polling place location, the status of your submitted absentee ballot and more – so bookmark it!

4. Do I need to get my absentee ballot notarized? Yes. This is the standard rule that is in effect now. (Copies of legal IDs will NOT work in 2021.)

5. How can someone sign up for an absentee ballot if they’re not online? Download, print and mail the form to the Canadian County Election Board at P.O. Box 307, El Reno, OK 73036. More info:

6. Can I register to vote online? No. But the OK State Election Board has a “wizard” or tool to help people fill out the application. You still have to print and mail it to Canadian County Election Board at the address listed in #5 above. They election board must have your original signature on file.