Voting information

Register and Vote

Nothing is more crucial to keeping our democracy strong than making sure you are registered to vote and then to cast your ballot on elections days. Check our calendar for upcoming local elections or the Oklahoma State Election Board web site for comprehensive info about voter registration, voting and upcoming elections.

If you need to register, you can do so at any regular meeting of the Canadian County Democrats, or visit the County Election Board. Many government offices, including auto tag agencies and post offices, often have voter registration forms, which you can fill out and mail in.

Canadian County Election Board
405-422-2423 405-422-2450
PO Box 307, El Reno 73036-0307

Vote by mail

Voting by mail is easy! Make sure you never miss a chance to vote for Democratic candidates again. Register online now for all elections in this calendar year (renew annually). You’ll be glad you did. Please share this info with others who vote like we do!